NEO-1P Wireless Temperature Sensor with Probe and Data Logging


Model: NEO-1P  

The iMatrix Neo-1P Temperature Sensor provides the ultimate solution to monitoring climate-sensitive environments. This sensor can be used in stationary or portable applications and provides accurate, comprehensive logs sent directly to your smartphone or iMatrix Cloud.

  • Get 24 hours a day monitoring with real-time alerts, logs, and reports
  • Connect to iMatrix Cloud for World Wide Access
  • Manage multiple sensors in multiple locations
  • Set and receive alerts directly to smartphone or optionally use the Wi-Fi Micro gateway (sold separately)
  • Organize thousands of sensors with multiple groups & locations
  • Upload sensor data to the iMatrix Cloud automatically in real-time  with iMatrix SensorMonitor Smartphone App
  • Setup sensors in one step – scan QR code with App and you’re monitoring
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Wireless Temperature Sensor with Probe

NEO-1P is a Submersible Thermometer/Temperature sensor and a data logger with a 39-inch cable and 2.75-inch stainless steel probe that can wirelessly monitor the temperature  for up to 3+ years on battery power.
The NEO-1P provides the ideal solution for monitoring climate-sensitive environments, such as Cold Chain storage, Freezers, Greenhouses, RV’s, food, and drugs.
It offers 24 hours a day monitoring, real-time alerts, logs, and reports.

iMatrix NEO-1P Sensor


External Probe

External Submersible Probe

Massive Mesh Technology

Mesh Technology

OTA Firmware Updates

OTA Firmware Updates

NEO-1P Sensor Is Easy To Use

Enhance Your Monitoring

We recommend the iMatrix Micro Gateway to automatically scan, connect and send your NEO sensor data to the Cloud for word-wide access ( sold separately).

iMatrix sensors are upgradable to our proprietary mesh solution supporting massive networks. For massive networks we recommend the Series-1 Gateway (sold separately).

Use NEO-1P Sensor to Monitor:

Use Case iMatrix Sensors for Cold Chain Food

Cold Chain for Food

Use Case iMatrix Neo Sensors for Vaccine Storage

Pharmaceutical Products

Use Case iMatrix Sensors for Transporting Blood Sample and Medical Samples

Medical Samples

iMatrix NEO-1P Sensor Dimentions Size


Device type Temperature Sensor
Temperature range -40°F to 212°F (-40°С to 100°С)
Body dimensions 2.78 x 1.5 x 0.7 in (70.6 x 38 x 17.8 mm)
Probe length 2.75 in (7 cm)
Probe cable length: 39 in (99 cm)
Weight 2.33 oz (66 grams) with probe
Waterproof rating IP66
Broadcasting range 328 feet (100 meters)
Powered by Two High Performance Lithium AAA batteries
Battery life Up to 3+ years
  • Based on BLE technology
  • Measures, stores, and uploads temperature and humidity readings
  • Stores up to 6 months of data
  • Upgradable to Massive Mesh

iMatrix Cloud & App

  • Manage multiple sensors via one interface
  • Set warning levels and receive alerts directly to smartphone or option for Wi-Fi gateway (sold separately).
  • Observe configurable graphs and updates of all your sensors
  • Organize hundreds of sensors with mulitple groups & locations
  • Set unique name and photo for each sensor
  • Get reporting and log files for record keeping and HACCP compliance.
iMatrix available on Google Play
iMatrix available on the App Store
iMatrix available as web app
iMatrix NEO-1P works with iMatrix Cloud mobile app and web app


Model Neo-1P
Measures Temperature
Network Type Bluetooth Low Energy
EMC Tests CE & FCC
BLE Bluetooth Cert ( EPL 0.3.2019)
Water IP65
Data Storage on Unit 100000
Battery Size 2-AAA ( 1100 maH)
Size 70.6 x 38 x 17.8 mm
Typical Temp  Accuracy +/- 0.2°C@ 0-90°C; Range : -40-+100°C
Estimated battey ife  3 + Years (Depending on User modes)
Tx Power 4 dBM
CE regulations Yes



  • Can I use NEO in a refrigerator, freezer, or walk-in cooler?
    Yes, however we recommend that you use the probe version NEO-1P  or NEO-1DP of our sensors to maximize the life of the battery.
  • Do we have any control over the battery life of a Sensor ? Where/how?
    In the App or on the cloud BLE Polling Time can be set in the Advanced Settings.

    The Polling Rate represents how often the element is checked. For example, if the NEO-1P Temperature sensor polling time is set to 15 seconds, every 15 seconds the Temperature is read and checked for any alerts.  If an Alert has been trigged, the user is immediately notified.

    Having a high polling rate but a very low sample rate allows the system to quickly detect changes in a sensor without the need to record the value frequently (Sampling time) or transmit to the cloud (Check in time).

    BLE Sampling Time:  The Sample Rate represents how often the data value is saved on the sensor. For example, if the NEO-1P sampling time is sent to 15 min, every 15 minutes the temperature is saved on the device and will be sent to the cloud based on the scheduled check-in time. Depending on the sensor, ~100,000 data points can be saved.
    Have a low sample rate allows the system to log more data and helps with battery life. All data points saved will be sent to the cloud based on the check-in time. The more data required to be sent,  the lower the battery life.

    BLE Check in Time: The check in time represents how often the stored data (sample Time) is transmitted to your account on the iMatrix Cloud. For example, if you need a report every 4 hours for HACCP compliance for your refrigeration units, we suggest you save the data every hour (Check-in : 60 Minutes)

  • How do you turn the Sensor off? How do you reset the device?
    To Turn on the sensor, push the button on the rear once.  The LED on the front will momentarily flash blue, indicating the unit is on.
    To Turn OFF the Sensor, press the button twice in 2 seconds.  The LED on the front will momentarily flash green and then red, and the sensor is OFF.
    To Reset, hold the button on the back for ~ 4 seconds, and the LED on the front will blink, and the unit will restart in a few seconds.
  • NEO-1

  • How often does the sensor take readings?

    The NEO-1 sensors have adjustable sensor readings. You can choose to have sensors take readings every few seconds, or even just once a day. However, the more infrequent the readings are, the longer the battery life will last.

  • NEO-1P

  • Can stil access my data wirelessly?

    Yes, the sensor will still transmit temperature readings just as the NEO-1 will. The sensor uses bluetooth technology to connect to your wireless gateway and uploads your information to the cloud.

  • How can I check the accuracy of my readings?

    One way to verify the accuracy of your data is by comparing it to a known temperature. A 50/50 mixture of ice and water will be freezing, at 32 degrees. Placing the probe in this solution should show a temperature reading of 32 degrees.

  • How do I get the NEO-1P to add data to my account?

    You can add sensors with either the QR code included on the back of the sensor, or add the sensor by serial number. If using the mobile app, you may also choose to use ‘guest’ mode to start receiving data immediately.

  • How often does the sensor take readings?

    The NEO-1 sensors have adjustable sensor readings. You can choose to have sensors take readings every few seconds, or even just once a day. However, the more infrequent the readings are, the longer the battery life will last.

  • Is it safe to fully submerge my sensor in water?

    The main sensor body should not be submerged in water. However, the extension probe attached to the sensor may be fully placed in liquids.

  • What if my readings aren’t accurate?

    If your sensor isn’t showing the correct readings, you can calibrate your sensor through the mobile app. Click on the specific sensor and choose calibrate. Take note of the current readings, and enter that figure in the first space. In the second space, enter the known value (i.e. ice water would be 32 degrees). Then, confirm the changes and refresh your screen to see the new readings.