BLE Sensors

Our iMatrix BLE sensors are always growing in capability and function. We look forward to bringing you even more of our seamless sensor solutions as we develop them in the future.

NEO-1 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Data Logging

NEO-1 Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1+Product+Brief&style=custom&custom_background=%23005c8c&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719983399594%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1+Setup+Guide&style=custom&custom_background=%230085b4&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719983432556%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }} Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor NEO-1 is a sensor and a data logger that can wirelessly monitor temperature, humidity, VPD, Heat Index,

NEO-1D Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display and Data Logging

NEO-1D Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1D+Product+Brief&style=custom&custom_background=%23005c8c&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719984078653%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1D+Setup+Guide&style=custom&custom_background=%230085b4&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719984094597%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }} Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display NEO-1D is a sensor and a data logger with a display that can wirelessly monitor

NEO-1DP Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Data Logging

NEO-1DP Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1DP+Product+Brief&style=custom&custom_background=%23005c8c&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719984346580%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1DP+Setup+Guide&style=custom&custom_background=%230085b4&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719984361207%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }} Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display NEO-1DP is a sensor and a data logger with a display that can wirelessly monitor

NEO-1P Wireless Temperature Sensor with Probe and Data Logging

NEO-1P Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1P+Product+Brief&style=custom&custom_background=%23005c8c&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719983905000%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-1P+Setup+Guide&style=custom&custom_background=%230085b4&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719983886303%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }} Wireless Temperature Sensor with Probe NEO-1P is a Submersible Thermometer/Temperature sensor and a data logger with a 39-inch cable and 2.75-inch stainless

NEO-IND Wireless Industrial Temperature Sensor with Accelerometer and Data Logging

NEO-IND Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+NEO-IND+Product+Brief&style=custom&custom_background=%23005c8c&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=.vc_custom_1719984928897%7Bmargin-right%3A+20px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+20px+%21important%3B%7D& }} Wireless Temperature Sensor The NEO-IND is an extraordinarily durable sensor, with IP68 waterproof and IK09 shockproof rating for location and conditionals tracking in various harsh

Sentry-1 Wireless Door/Window Sensor with Data Logging

Sentry-1 Sensor Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+SENTRY-1+Setup+Guide&style=flat&color=primary&align=center& }} Wireless Door/Window Sensor The Sentry is a wireless magnetic sensor with a 3M double-sided adhesive mount on your window or door. The device has a

iMatrix Communication Gateways

iMatrix provides several gateway bridge options for Cloud services. All Gateways enable the ability to remotely control, monitor, configure and analyze all of the IoT sensor data available within the iMatrix product family.

EdgeUplink 4G LTE USB Dongle

iMatrix USB 4G LTE Dongle The EdgeUplink 4G LTE USB Dongle is engineered to work with EdgeUplink eSIM, ensuring unparalleled connectivity for your IoT devices and management systems, regardless of your location. With its advanced

EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot The iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot is designed to work best with the EdgeUplink  eSIM, giving you ultimate connectivity for all your IoT sensors and controls wherever you

FleetConnect 4G Gateway

FleetConnect 4G Gateway The iMatrix FleetConnect 4G Gateway is redefining fleet management by providing advanced connectivity and monitoring solutions for emergency and commercial vehicles. Among its cutting-edge features, the capability to connect with Battery Management

Micro Gateway USB Dongle – 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.2

Micro Gateway Is Easy To Use {{ vc_btn: title=Check+Micro+Gateway+Setup+Guide&style=custom&custom_background=%230085b4&custom_text=%23ffffff&css=& }} Micro Gateway USB Dongle  The Wireless iMatrix IoT Wi-Fi Gateway automatically scans and connects iMatrix wireless sensors and sends the data to the Cloud. The Micro

RUT241 4G Wi-Fi Router

RUT241 4G Wi-Fi Router Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, RUT241 offers unstoppable connection continuity with automatic WAN failover. Industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces make this device an excellent fit

EdgeUplink IoT eSIM Cards

iMatrix EdgeUplink eSIM Cards support 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE, LTE-M, and NB-IoT services with pricing plans to suit every need.  With worldwide coverage across 195 countries and over 900 carriers, the iMatrix EdgeUplink offers an easy-to-use, secure connection that allows you to access data services.

iMatrix Cloud System

The iMatrix Cloud System is available on both your mobile device and web browser.
It provides access to all the sophisticated data analysis of your iMatrix control and sensor systems. The iMatrix Cloud System includes real time updates, Time Series Data analysis, and configuration systems.

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