iMatrix Communication Gateways

iMatrix provides several gateway bridge options for Cloud services. All Gateways enable the ability to remotely control, monitor, configure and analyze all of the IoT sensor data available within the iMatrix product family.

EdgeUplink IoT eSIM Cards

iMatrix EdgeUplink eSIM Cards support 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE, LTE-M, and NB-IoT services with pricing plans to suit every need.  With worldwide coverage across 195 countries and over 900 carriers, the iMatrix EdgeUplink offers an easy-to-use, secure connection that allows you to access data services.

iMatrix Cloud System

The iMatrix Cloud System is available on both your mobile device and web browser.
It provides access to all the sophisticated data analysis of your iMatrix control and sensor systems. The iMatrix Cloud System includes real time updates, Time Series Data analysis, and configuration systems.

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iMatrix Cloud mobile app and web app

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