iMatrix Communication Gateways

iMatrix provides two gateway bridge options for Cloud services. Both Gateways enable the ability to remotely control, monitor, configure and analyze all of the IoT sensor data available within the iMatrix product family.

Both of our gateway choices give you a simple, seamless wireless connection to the iMatrix mobile application that uses the iMatrix Cloud System- all tailored for strength, reliability, and the best user experience possible. .

We offer two choices for our gateways: the micro-USB gateway and the iMatrix Series 1. Each of our gateway options offer seamless integration and real time data reporting through our app and the iMatrix Cloud System.

The iMatric Micro Gateway is a USB Dongle that uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz multi-band frequency, Wi-Fi connections and BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology.

Our iMatrix Series 1 Gateway is the ultimate solution for IoT sensor monitoring. Much like the micro-gateway, it connects via Wi-Fi, multi-band frequency, and BLE technology. This gateway includes high powered batteries that can last up to three years, while still maintaining the same steady connection. It can also store logs of readings for up to an entire month, without uploading any information to the iMatrix Cloud System. This small gateway can support over a hundred connected sensors on its own.

BLE & Wired Sensors

The iMatrix sensors line allows advanced connection options including Wi-Fi and BLE technology.

Our iMatrix sensors are available as both wired and wireless models to suit your needs. The iMatrix sensors make uploading data more user friendly than ever. The sensors automatically recognize the type and connection you use, and start taking readings and uploading data within moments.

Our iMatrix sensors and gateways function for everything from temperature and humidity to dissolved oxygen, CO2, and much more.

We’re committed to creating smart solutions for your business and home. 

BLE Sensors

Our iMatrix BLE sensors are always growing in capability and function. We look forward to bringing you even more of our seamless sensor solutions as we develop them in the future.

The iMatrix sensors include an internal battery supply; in particular, the Neo sensor includes two batteries that maintain power for up to three years.

The Neo sensor creates a solution that allows you to manage every aspect of indoor enviroments, with up to the minute monitoring and reporting. Our sensors are ideal for keeping medical products in a safe range, monitoring cold storage for the hospitality industry, and cold chain transport for sensitive goods.

Wired Sensors

Our iMatrix Neo Sensor collection also includes a wired option with a connected probe. The wired Neo sensor is ideal for the most extreme environments, and instances where a wireless connection isn’t possible or feasible. In both wired and wireless options, installation is a quick, easy process that takes only moments.
No matter the environment you need to monitor, our sensors ensure you don’t miss a beat. The Neo sensors take and upload readings every minute, and even store information for up to a month without any wireless connection. You can view these readings remotely, from anywhere in the world when you use our app and the iMatrix Cloud System. These sensors monitor temperatures from -40℃ to 70℃, and relative humidity (RH) from 0% to 100%.