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iMatrix NEO-1 Sensor

NEO-1 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Ideal solution for monitoring climate-sensitive environments with 24 hours a day monitoring, real-time alerts, logs, and reports.

iMatrix NEO-1D Sensor

NEO-1D Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display

Wirelessly monitors temperature, humidity, VPD, Heat Index, Dew Points and shows measurements directly on e-ink display.

iMatrix Sentry Door & Window Sensor

Sentry-1 Wireless Door/Window Sensor with Data Logging

Ideal for wirelessly monitoring climate-sensitive environments where refrigeration doors could be left ajar, causing significant inventory loss

iMatrix Micro Gateway

Micro Gateway USB Dongle – 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.2

Enables remote monitoring and control of your BLE sensors from anywhere in the world.

How It Works?

iMatrix Systems provides seamless interaction between wireless Humidity, Temperature, Air Quality, CO2 Sensors, powerful Gateways, that operate over Wi-Fi or Mobile Networks and which you can choose depending on your needs, and proprietary  robust Cloud that stores and processes your data 24/7.

How It works? iMatrix NEO Sensors Infrastructure and Connections

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