Use Cases of iMatrix Sensors

Healthcare and Medicine

Storing Vaccine

Storing Vaccine Vaccine storage is reliant on proper temperature and humidity to maintain the safety and effectiveness of the stores. The pharmaceutical industry loses billions of dollars annually because of spoiled temperature sensitive products. Whether

Traveling With Insulin

How to Travel With Diabetes - And Your Insulin Traveling when you have diabetes isn’t as simple as packing your bags and hitting the road (or the skies). Chances are, you need your trusty companion-

Controlling Blood Supply Chain

Controlling Blood Supply Chain The blood supply chain is a complicated, and costly process. However every step of it is completely necessary to save lives around the world. Within the blood supply chain there are

Farming and Agriculture

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Aquaculture and Aquaponics One of our newest sensors, the iMatrix Neo for aquaculture is the ideal solution for monitoring tanks and ponds of any size. This sensor provides minute to minute environmental readings to ensure

Monitoring Livestock

Neo for Monitoring Livestock Livestock is one of your most valuable assets as a farmer. Much like any other type of agriculture, your animals can also be susceptible to drastic temperature and climatic changes. Your

Mushroom Farming

Neo for Mushroom Farming Mushroom farming seems simple, but contrary to popular belief, you need more than some spores and a dark room. Yes, your mushrooms still might grow, but you won’t get nearly the


Use Case: Neo for Beehives Bees are hard workers, and they’re extremely efficient at nearly everything they do- including regulating the temperature inside their own hives. In healthy hives, bees do this seamlessly, with certain

Restaurants and Delivery Services

Temperature Logging for Restaurants

Temperature Logging for Restaurants In any restaurant, you’re required to maintain safe food temperatures. It’s more than a legal requirement, it’s something you should do to keep your customers and staff safe and healthy. Sometimes

Deli and Sandwich Shop

Use Case: Deli and Sandwich Shop A local deli offers fresh handmade sandwiches and a variety of meats from local farmers. Their claim, and a reason behind their local fanbase, is that they offer only

Food Storage and Transportation

Storing Cooked and Raw Meat

Storing Cooked and Raw Meat Storing Cooked or Processed Meat Storing cooked or processed meat has some similarities to storing raw meat products, although you might have some more leeway. Either way, you still have

Eggs and Poultry

NEO Sensors for Eggs and Poultry The iMatrix NEO series of sensors are designed for monitoring the proper storage and transportation of poultry and egg products. Maintaining safe temperatures in processing and transport is crucial

Duck Eggs

Neo for Duck Eggs There’s a growing market for duck eggs, although you might not find them in every supermarket. However, that might not be the case for long. Duck eggs are a favorite niche

Storing Collections and Climate-Sensitive Items

Cheese Grottos and Caves

Cheese Grottos and Caves Properly storing fine cheese is like storing fine wine. If you take proper care and keep the right conditions, you end up with a product that comes out better than it

Wine Cellars

Wine Cellars The iMatrix sensor measures both temperature and humidity, critical to the proper storing and aging of your wine. Our sensors ensure your wine storage information is available to you instantly updating you with

Cigars in Humidors

Neo For Humidors The Neo sensor is specially designed to help keep humidors at optimal temperatures for preserving fine cigar products. Knowing the best conditions to store cigars is only the first part of the

Collections and Records

Neo for Collections and Records Archival documents and prized collections need low temperatures and strictly regulated humidity to maintain their integrity. Even today, it’s something that museums and collectors around the world struggle with. Further


Reptile Enclosures

Neo for Reptile Enclosures Reptiles are cold blooded animals, and as such, they need special care to remain healthy. They don’t create heat from their own bodies, and rely on their environment to regulate their

Small Pets

Small Pets The iMatrix environmental sensor for small pets is a best in class device that allows you to monitor your pets’ habitat. Small pets are sensitive to changes in their environments and even changes

Home and RVs

RV Monitoring

Case Study: RV Monitoring Monitoring your RV while you’re away can be both a point of security, as well as safety, especially if pets are there.  Pet Safety in RVs Keeping pets safe in an