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Wine Cellars

The iMatrix sensor measures both temperature and humidity, critical to the proper storing and aging of your wine. Our sensors ensure your wine storage information is available to you instantly updating you with the conditions of environment. Information at your fingertips, will allow for timely changes and assessment of the environment. The Wine Sensor automatically reads the temperature and humidity reporting each minute, uploads the data directly to our iMatrix cloud system for you.

The process for storing fine wine is nearly as important as the process of creating it. Short term wine storage still requires some moderation, though not as much as if you plan to age it over several decades. For about as long as the wine industry has existed, so have methods of storing the wine itself. Thus comes the term ‘wine cellar’. However, with today’s technology, storing wine in a cellar isn’t a necessity so much as ensuring it meets the same conditions.

Use Case NEO for Wine Storage

Proper short term wine storage

Wine for short term storage still needs a controlled environment. However, the environment isn’t quite as strict as for aging wines. In the wine world, short term typically means that the wine will be consumed within a few years. Ideally, this wine should be kept between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is another important factor in wine storage, and should be around 60% to 65%. Most people aim for the median temperature, and try to store short term wine around 55 degrees. 

Proper long term wine storage

For wine to age properly, and avoid spoiling, keeping the storage environment in strict control is important. Where short term wines have more leniency in their storage temperature range, long term wine storage doesn’t. The better controlled the environment in your wine cellar is, the longer you can store wine to age. Wine cellars for long term storage should be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 65%. 

iMatrix Sensor

The iMatrix sensor combines the two most typical tools for monitoring conditions in a wine cellar: a thermometer and a hygrometer. Like these two tools, the sensor measures both temperature and humidity, which are crucial to properly storing wine. However, unlike the two older devices, our sensor is completely accurate, hands off, and even keeps you up to date on your wine cellar. There’s no longer a need to physically go to your wine cellar and check your thermometer and hygrometer. The Wine Cellar Sensor automatically reads both temperature and humidity every minute and uploads the data directly to our iMatrix Cloud System. 

These sensors are self powered with two batteries that have a lifetime of up to three years. Not only that, but should you ever encounter a power outage, your wine cellar sensor will continue to read the environment and store logs for up to 30 days. Once power or a wireless connection is restored, the Neo begins uploading the backlog to our cloud system so you can verify your wine stayed within proper conditions. 


What conditions are important for storing wine?

If you plan on storing wine for a long time (for instance, to age it), pay attention to: temperature, humidity, light, and stability. Temperature and humidity should remain constant as long as you store the wine. The ideal temperature is 55℉, with 65% relative humidity. Keep wine out of the light, as UV degrades the quality of the wine. Choose a stable storage area without much movement to allow the sediments to separate from the wine. 

Can you store white and red wine in the same cellar?

Yes, you can store red and white wines in the same space. However, you still need to keep them in proper storage conditions, with a temperature between 50℉ to 60℉, with humidity between 60% to 80%. However, if you also plan to store champagne, you will need to chill it slightly before drinking it (ideal temperature for consumption is 45℉).

iMatrix NEO-1 Temperature Sensor

The Neo is a small, lightweight sensor that takes virtually no time, and literally no tools to install. It’s also ideal for shipping valuable stores of wine that need strict temperature control while in transport. This sensor can go into a shipping crate with your wine, and take readings throughout the transport to ensure the temperature and humidity remain constant throughout shipping. 

Key Features:

  • Can be placed in a wine cellar or when shipping valuable wine bottles
  • Sends an alert when conditions fall out of optimal storage range
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Runs on its own power for up to three years
  • Stores records without connecting to the cloud for up to 30 days
  • Logs environmental conditions every minute
  • Access logs and data through the iMatrix smartphone app
  • Instant, accurate readings from your wine cellar
  • Remote monitoring for wine cellars without any contact needed

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