Enhancing Quality Assurance with NIST-Certified Products from iMatrix Systems

For industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, and biotechnology, precise monitoring of environmental conditions like temperature and humidity is critical for ensuring safety and compliance. iMatrix Systems addresses these needs with its NIST-certified sensors for temperature, humidity, and low temperatures, along with comprehensive recertification services. iMatrix Systems supports high-quality standards through its products and services including NIST certification.

NIST Certification Sticker

What Is NIST Traceable Certification?

NIST Traceable Certification demonstrates the accuracy and reliability of measurement tools. iMatrix Systems’ wireless sensors are certified to comply with standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring their calibration is traceable to the International System of Units (SI). iMatrix Systems achieves this by partnering with ISO 17025-accredited labs, maintaining compliance with ISO 9000 quality standards.

Calibration Process for iMatrix Systems Sensors

The calibration process at iMatrix Systems involves rigorous testing at ISO 17025-accredited labs. This ensures the sensors consistently meet the stringent ISO 9000 standards, qualifying them for a NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. This meticulous approach guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the sensors for critical applications.

Details Included in Calibration Certificates

Each calibration certificate from iMatrix Systems is comprehensive, including:

  • Serial and certificate numbers
  • Model specifics
  • Details on the calibration equipment used
  • Calibration due dates
  • Accuracy under specified conditions
  • Calibration date
  • Technician’s name, with authorized signatures for validation

iMatrix Systems NIST-Certified Products

Why opt for NIST-Certified Sensors from iMatrix Systems?

Choosing NIST-certified sensors from iMatrix Systems ensures precise environmental monitoring, which is essential for maintaining product quality and safety in stringent regulatory environments. These certifications verify the sensors’ precision, supporting industry compliance and enhancing operational confidence.

iMatrix Systems not only provides NIST-certified sensors but also offers recertification services that are crucial for ongoing compliance and reliability. The recertification includes a thorough recalibration of the sensors and battery replacement, ensuring the devices continue to operate with optimal accuracy. This service is vital for industries that rely on precise data to maintain product integrity and adhere to regulatory standards.

Certify Your Sensor



The certification of iMatrix Systems temperature, humidity, and low-temperature monitoring products ensures they meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability

Recertify Your Sensor



iMatrix Systems offers a comprehensive recertification process that is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of its products throughout their operational lifespan

NIST Traceable Certifications are critical for industries where environmental monitoring must be precise and reliable. iMatrix Systems’ commitment to stringent calibration standards and its comprehensive recertification services make it a trusted provider of dependable monitoring solutions. By leveraging iMatrix Systems’ certified products, companies can maintain high quality control standards and strengthen their position in the market.

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