iMatrix Cloud System

The iMatrix Cloud System brings all the sensors, actuators, and gateways together, allowing mobile and desktop devices access to comprehensive data-driven dashboards. The system supports multiple methods to connect sensors to the Cloud, using traditional Bluetooth nodes, iMatrix Massive mesh nodes with Cloud connection provided with Wi-FI, Ethernet, or flexible 4G wireless connections.

  • Fully scaled cloud-based system
  • Supports millions of devices
  • Fully encrypted secure data collection
  • Multi-user support with access controls
  • Fully automated notification system
  • Multi-Level hierarchical grouping
  • Time Series Graphs
  • Combined graphing solutions
  • Full API access
  • Dedicated Android and iOS apps
  • Enhanced web UI
  • White label service for OEMs

Superior User Interfaces to Access Your Data

The iMatrix Cloud system provides clean, rich, informative displays highlighting Notification and Alert conditions. Easy multi-level hierarchical grouping and navigation provide easy access to complex sensor networks.

iMatrix available on Google Play
iMatrix available on the App Store
iMatrix available as web app
iMatrix Cloud mobile app and web app

Multiple Sensor Data Collection Models with OEM Support

In today’s IoT world, choosing the right platform is critical. The iMatrix Cloud System supports traditional Low Energy Bluetooth models for simple integrations. The iMatrix Massive Mesh Network topology supports up to 100,000 devices in a cubic meter or thousands of devices spread over hundreds of acres of greenhouses, farmland, or warehouses.

Connect to the iMatrix Cloud using on-premise Wi-Fi, Ethernet or use the flexibility of 4G connections.

iMatrix welcomes OEM partners with specially developed SDKs to assist new developers in bringing their own set of sensors to the iMatrix Cloud Systems. We natively support hardware supplied by Nordic, Infineon, and others.