Use Case iMatrix Neo Sensors for Mushroom Farming

Mushroom Farming

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Neo for Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming seems simple, but contrary to popular belief, you need more than some spores and a dark room. Yes, your mushrooms still might grow, but you won’t get nearly the harvest and yield you would if you control the temperature and humidity. Not only that, but the proper conditions also determine the quality of your end product. 

Maintaining Proper Conditions for Growing Mushrooms

It’s no secret that mushrooms need plenty of warmth and humidity to grow. However, hitting that perfect range of conditions is what really matters.

Ideally, mushrooms should be kept in fairly warm environments, with temperatures that don’t go below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep them in temperatures up to 70 degrees, although it’s suggested that you don’t let their environment go higher than that (around 60 degrees is considered optimal). 

To properly grow mushrooms, the relative humidity (RH) of their environment should be between 70% to 90%. Often this requires a humidifier to keep consistently high levels of humidity.

Use Case NEO for Mashroom Farming
Use Case NEO for Mashroom Farming

Using the Neo for Mushroom Farming

The iMatrix Neo sensor for mushroom farming is a best in class sensor that helps you keep track of your mushroom grow room. You might not want to enter the grow room often and change the ambient conditions, and with the Neo, you don’t have to. You can still ‘keep and eye’ on your mushrooms without actually having to see them. 

The Neo measures both temperature and humidity- two of the most important factors in getting a successful mushroom harvest. This sensor measures humidity from 0% to 100%, and with IP65 waterproofing, it’s perfectly suited to these humid environments. Not only that, but the Neo features an extensive range of readings for temperature, and can measure temperatures up to 158 degrees. 

You may have heard of other temperature and humidity sensors, but few go to the extent that the Neo does. In fact, it takes environmental readings every minute, rather than in longer intervals that other monitoring systems do. The Neo then uploads these readings into the iMatrix Cloud system where you can access them directly, as well as through the smartphone app. You can see the exact conditions of your mushroom farm any time of day, from anywhere in the world. 

If, for some reason, your power goes out or you lose internet connection, the Neo keeps on working. It powers itself for up to three years, and can internally store logs for up to 30 days. 

iMatrix NEO-1 Temperature Sensor

In short, if you want to grow the best quality mushrooms, and get the highest yield, you should be using the Neo sensor. 

Key features:

  • IP65 waterproofing protects against wet conditions
  • Measures temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Relative humidity readings from 0-100%
  • Updates readings every minute
  • Ideal for monitoring mushroom farms without disturbing the grow room
  • Wireless connection reaches 100 meters
  • Battery life lasts 3 years
  • Log storage capability for 30 days
  • Readings available 24/7 through iMatrix Cloud and smartphone app
  • Options for wireless and wired with external probe

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