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Case Study: RV Monitoring

Monitoring your RV while you’re away can be both a point of security, as well as safety, especially if pets are there. 

Pet Safety in RVs

Keeping pets safe in an RV is more than making sure they have fresh water and food. Pets are only as safe as the environment they’re in.

Environmental Conditions

Pets are sensitive to extreme conditions, and even a short time in these conditions can have a severe impact on their health. While RVs come with their own climate control systems, these can have equipment failures. As a result, pets can be left alone in harmful conditions without anyone there to intervene. Extreme weather can cause these uncontrolled conditions, as can power problems in the park, a neighbor accidentally unplugging hookups, and much more. 

Unauthorized Entry

Another concern about leaving an RV unattended is unauthorized entry. In the case of pets, this can mean pets may get lost, even if a door opens because of a faulty latch. An opened door can also prevent climate control systems from working efficiently enough to maintain a proper environment for pets. Not only that, but valuables and important documents are also at risk. 

Securing an Unattended RV

The only way to secure your RV while you’re away is using a monitoring system that takes care of all of your concerns. iMatrix provides the solution you need to vacation and leave your RV with peace of mind. With the Neo sensor for RVs and the Century 1 door protection system, you can rest assured that your pets, and your property is safe while you’re away. 

The Neo for RVs:

  • Monitors temperature and humidity readings
  • Takes readings every minute
  • Automatically updates logs to the iMatrix Cloud System
  • Allows you to check conditions in real time through the smartphone app
  • Offers highly accurate environmental readings
  • Allows customized environmental settings- and alerts you when conditions falter
  • Ensures pets have a healthy, safe environment when you’re away

The Sentry-1:

  • Monitors door entry and exit
  • Alerts you when the door opens
  • Can be set to alert you when you’re away or at home
  • Prevents unauthorized entry
  • Allows you to know if pets or people enter or exit the RV

Why Use The Neo and Sentry- 1 For RVs?

The environment your pets are in is just as important as making sure people don’t enter your RV without your permission. Extreme conditions can harm pets just as much as conditions they aren’t used to outside of your home or RV. Should your climate control fail, the Neo sensor will alert you as soon as it senses that the temperature or humidity are outside of the ranges you specify. You’ll know within a minute if something goes wrong so you can prevent problems before they occur. 

Naturally, pet owners are also just as concerned about their pets ‘accidentally’ making their way out of the RV and getting lost. The best way to keep an eye on them (and your doors) is by using a door monitor. The Century 1, just like the Neo sensor, will let you know as soon as something is amiss. You can get realtime alerts through the iMatrix smartphone app and respond immediately to prevent further damage.

  • Keep pets and valuable safe and secure
  • Prevent serious health issues in pets if climate control fails
  • Receive alerts when conditions change, or a door is opened
  • Easily access status and conditions through the smartphone app or iMatrix Cloud System
  • View your pet’s conditions in real time
  • Works even during a power outage
  • Prevent pets from getting outside and lost while you’re away

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