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The iMatrix environmental sensor for small pets is a best in class device that allows you to monitor your pets’ habitat. Small pets are sensitive to changes in their environments and even changes that seem small to us can impact their health. The Neo allows you to remotely monitor various environments and pet enclosures 24/7. 

The sensor is a small but powerful device that fits easily directly inside the pet enclosure or right outside, if the enclosure allows proper ventilation. This sensor is easily movable should you need to reposition it, and installation is simple- no tools required. If you’re worried about keeping your small pets safe and sound while you’re away, this is the solution you need. 

Use Case NEO for Small Pets
Use Case NEO for Small Pets

How the Sensor for Small Pets Works

Once you install the sensor in your pet’s enclosure, getting it set up and connected takes only a few moments. Download the iMatrix smartphone app and scan the barcode on your sensor. Then, the sensor and all its readings are in the iMatrix Cloud system ready for you to access. Your account allows you to personalize the system to fit your, and your pet’s, needs. While the Neo can take an extensive range of temperature and humidity readings, your pet needs an environment within a certain range. 

With the iMatrix app, you can specify the conditions that are right for your pet. Simply go into settings and set the range for acceptable temperature and humidity. No matter where you are, the system will send you an alert if conditions go outside of the ranges you set. 

The iMatrix system for small pets is an incredibly precise sensor that takes readings near constantly. In fact, the sensor takes temperature and humidity readings every minute. These constant readings are logged and uploaded to the iMatrix Cloud system, where you can access current and historical logs through the cloud system as well as the app. 

iMatrix NEO-1 Temperature Sensor

The sensor also works even when your internet doesn’t. It continues to take readings and store them for up to a month when needed. As soon as a connection is restored, the Neo uploads the historical logs to the cloud. 

Key features:

  • Precise, consistent environmental readings
  • Programmable temperature and humidity alerts
  • Available as a wireless sensor and with attached external probe
  • Updates readings every minute
  • Accessible readings through the iMatrix Cloud and smartphone app
  • Self powered for up to three years
  • Holds logs for up to a month if necessary
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Allows reliable environmental monitoring for pets


What temperature and humidity does my reptile need?

Temperature and humidity requirements change vastly depending on the species you’re considering. However, most reptiles are grouped into one of three categories: desert, temperate, and tropical or semi-aquatic. Desert species need temperatures from 65-85℉, and humidity from 10-30%. Temperate species need temperatures from 65-85℉, and humidity from 30-50%. Tropical and semi-aquatic species need temperatures from 70-85℉, and humidity from 50-80%.

How much higher should basking temperature be?

In general, basking temperature for reptiles should be at least 5℉ above ambient temperatures, and can be as much as 15 to 25℉ higher. Keep in mind that if the basking area’s temperature is only 5℉ higher than the ambient temperature, you should keep your reptile enclosure at the higher end of the acceptable temperature range. For instance, if you have a Gecko your ideal ambient temperature is 65-85℉. The ideal basking temperature for Geckos is 90-100℉. If your ambient temperature is 85℉, keep it at least 5 degrees higher for basking. However, if your ambient temperature is 70℉, you need a basking area that reaches at least 90℉, which is 20 degrees higher.

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