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Neo for Reptile Enclosures

Reptiles are cold blooded animals, and as such, they need special care to remain healthy. They don’t create heat from their own bodies, and rely on their environment to regulate their metabolism and internal processes. Depending on the species, different reptiles need specific levels of heat and humidity to survive. Many reptile owners rely on heat lamps, heating pads, and regular misting to keep their terrariums in check. However, misting isn’t an exact science, which means that it can be difficult to regulate humidity. 

The amount of heat and humidity your bulbs and misting can provide also varies depending on your enclosure size, and the open areas for ventilation.

Use Case NEO for Reptiles

How to measure heat and humidity for reptiles?

The classic go-to tools for measuring temperature are thermometers, and in terrariums, they are typically in strip form. Hygrometers are used to measure the relative humidity in the terrarium. While these do provide basic measurements, they don’t allow you to monitor changes when you’re not there in person. Drastic changes in a reptile’s environment can result in severe health issues. For instance, if you live in cold climates and you have a heating lamp malfunction. 

A Better Way to Monitor Your Terrarium

Whether you have a leopard gecko or a Burmese python, your pet’s health is important. The iMatrix Neo sensor for terrariums gives you everything you need to ensure your pet is healthy and safe, even when you’re away. 

The Neo is a top of the line, best in class sensor for monitoring temperature and humidity for reptile enclosures and terrariums. This dynamic sensor is suited for small and large enclosures alike. Because it takes up very little space, you don’t have to worry about impeding the room your reptile has available. 

This version of our Neo sensor measures temperatures up to 158℉ and reads humidity from as low as 0% up to 100%. However, this isn’t the type of tool you need to be looking at to monitor. The iMatrix Neo sends readings directly to the iMatrix Cloud System every minute. Not only that, you can see these readings on your smartphone or through the iMatrix Cloud system no matter where you are. 

iMatrix NEO-1 Temperature Sensor

Alerts to prevent uncontrolled environments

While some sensors might let you know what’s going on with your terrarium, you still have to check to figure it out. The Neo is different. This sensor allows you to set parameters for the ideal conditions in your terrarium. If the sensor reads conditions outside of the temperature and humidity you set, you’ll get an alert right away. 

Key features:

  • Minute to minute monitoring
  • Reads temperatures up to 158℉
  • Measures relative humidity from 0-100%
  • Alerts you when conditions go outside of your set parameters
  • Takes up virtually no space within the enclosure
  • IP65 waterproofing is ideal for misting terrariums
  • Access to readings through the app and iMatrix Cloud system
  • Keeps reptiles safe while you’re away
  • Battery life lasts up to 3 years
  • Connects wirelessly up to 100 meters

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