EdgeUplink IoT eSIM Card – Starter Kit


iMatrix Systems offers fully programmable EdgeUplink eSIMs. The EdgeUplink eSIMs provide the most flexible connectivity solutions in the market. With support in 195 countries and over 900 carriers around the world. Select the Zone and data plan best suited for your evaluation.

All higher-level zones automatically include coverage for lower zones. For example, a Zone 3 Plan also supports Zone 1 and Zone 2. Check EdgeUplink Zones

Get started with EdgeUplink eSIMs by purchasing an EdgeUplink Starter Kit. This Kit comes with one month of service and is activated once installed in your equipment. After your successful trial, use the iMatrix Cloud System to migrate your eSIM cards to one of our pooled data EdgeUplink Flex plans.

Our service is safe, reliable, and contract-free, with no extra or hidden fees.

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EdgeUplink IoT eSIM Card

iMatrix Systems now offers programmable EdgeUplink eSIMs which are plug-and-play, remotely programmable, meet relevant GSMA standards, and can hold multiple sets of local network operator credentials.

SIM card offers 4G/5G high-speed data service on the largest and most reliable networks in the United States, with radios supported from companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, and MediaTek for top-quality performance.

Developers love using our eSIMs with popular cellular IoT modules like Nordic’s nRF9160, Quectel’s BG95, and Sierra Wireless’ WP Series to create connected devices that operate worldwide.



  • Programmable data-only IoT eSIM Card
  • Meets GSMA standards
  • Single card provides different sizes:
    • Mini-SIM
    • Micro-SIM
    • Nano-SIM
  • Connection available in 195 countries and territories
  • Guaranteed connection to 900 + networks worldwide

 The iMatrix EdgeUplink IoT Data Service Solution

  • Get a data plan for one month of wireless service – Migrate to a monthly subscription using the iMatrix Cloud Dashboard
  • Enjoy unlimited 4G high-speed data service on the largest and most reliable networks in the United States.
  • Simply insert the SIM card into your device without activation
  • Works within the USA through AT&T and T-Mobile cellular towers
  • Does not support talk service (no phone number)
  • Safe and reliable, with no contracts, extra fees, or activation charges
  • Choose the right service plan that fits your needs
  • Compatible with a wide variety of IoT devices, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, smartwatches, pet trackers, security cameras, trail and game cameras for hunting, 4G routers, GPS devices, car locators, and more
  • SIM kit comes pre-cut in 3 sizes – Standard, Micro, and Nano – to fit any device
  • Professional online ordering and customer support provided

Your satisfaction is our top priority, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and keep your SIM card number handy for smoother assistance.

EdgeUplink Coverage – Zones and Providers

Enhance Your Monitoring

EdgeUplink eSIM is designed to work with EdgeUplink 4G LTE Gateways.

Select yours to provide a reliable, uninterrupted connection between your sensors and the Cloud

Data Usage Tracking and Analytics

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Zone 1: Europe, Zone 2: North America & more, Zone 3: Oceania & more, Zone 4: World 1, Zone 5: World 2, Verizon USA Only

Starter Kit Plan

100MB, 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 20GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, 300GB – 25 Mbps, 300GB – 50 Mbps, Unlimited – 100Mbps, Unlimited – 200Mbps