iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

The iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot supports a wide range of cellular bands for global connectivity using the EdgeUplink eSim that are programmable by country zones, including LTE FDD bands B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71 with speeds of up to 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. It also supports LTE TDD bands B41 and UMTS B2/B4/B5.

The EdgeUplink can be used in many regions worldwide, providing reliable and fast connectivity in various environments. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or need a reliable mobile hotspot for your remote work or learning needs, the iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot has you covered.

For specialized business or institutional applications, the EdgeUplink offers options for firmware customization, allowing for complete control over pre-loaded applications and default system settings. This feature ensures that the hotspot can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization.

Experience the freedom and convenience of high-speed mobile connectivity with the iMatrix EdgeUplink 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Service - 4G LTE@4x


Service - Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz@4x

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11 b/g/n

Service - Battery Charging@4x

Rechargeable Battery

EdgeUplink - SIM Card@4x

Designed for EdgeUplink eSIM


Chipset  Qualcomm MDM 9X07
Ports & Slots
  • Micro USB 2.0 OTG
  • Nano SIM Card
  • Micro USB Charger
RAM/ROM  128 MB / 256 MB
Battery  3.7V 2000 mAh Lithium Ion
Dimensions  3.94” x 2.60” x 0.87” (100 mm x 66 mm x 22 mm)
Weight  0.23 lbs
Cellular bands
  • LTE FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71
  • LTE TDD: B41 (194Mhz)
  • UMTS: B2/B4/B5
WLAN & Capacity  802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz with 2 x 2 MIMO
Connectivity Up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices
Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  • Push Button Configuration
  • Power adapter (DC  5V/1A)
  • Micro USB cable
Advanced features
  • MAC Filter/IP Filter (black/white list)
  • Network Time Protocol
  • L2TP/PPTP/IPSec VPN Pass-through
  • Wireless Network Scan
  • FOTA

iMatrix Cloud & App

  • Manage multiple sensors via one interface
  • Set warning levels and receive alerts directly to smartphone or option for Wi-Fi gateway (sold separately).
  • Observe configurable graphs and updates of all your sensors
  • Organize hundreds of sensors with mulitple groups & locations
  • Set unique name and photo for each sensor
  • Get reporting and log files for record keeping and HACCP compliance.
iMatrix available on Google Play
iMatrix available on the App Store
iMatrix available as web app
iMatrix Micro Gateway works with iMatrix Cloud mobile app and web app