Do RV Sensors Keep Pets Safe?

Do RV Sensors Keep Pets Safe?

If you have a pet, you know how hard it is to leave them home alone. And when you go on vacation, there’s a good chance they’re coming along with you. If you have a dog, it’s a great way to spend time with your best friend, and give them a taste of the great outdoors. However, even if they go on vacation with you, they can’t go everywhere. Unless you have a doggy daycare reserved, they’ll have to stay in the RV. 

Of course, you need to make sure they’re safe and sound while you’re away. There are plenty of solutions RV travelers use including cameras, monitors, sensors, and having neighbors check up on their pets. 

But do RV sensors keep pets safe?

What an RV Sensor Does

Sensors can monitor a variety of conditions like temperature, light, sound, humidity, pressure, and more. However, if you have a pet in the RV alone, you should be most concerned about temperature and humidity. 

Temperature and humidity sensors take readings on environmental conditions in just about any area. In an RV, they’re measuring the conditions inside. 

Some sensors only take periodic readings, while others constantly measure the environment. These readings are then logged and accessed through a variety of means, such as email, websites, smartphone apps, or even handheld devices that pair only with the sensor. 

Will a Sensor Keep Pets Safe in an RV?

No matter what you do, there are endless things that can go wrong in an RV. While they may not be common, it’s a possibility you need to contend with. And when you’re away, your pet is subject to the conditions around them. That’s a scary thought, especially if you’re in an area with extreme climates.

A camera can show you how your pet’s acting, but it can’t show you what conditions they’re dealing with. A dog suffering from heat exhaustion might just look like they’re tired on a screen when they’re really dealing with a potentially life threatening health issue. 

This is where sensors, especially for temperature and humidity, become extremely helpful. A picture can only tell you so much. An RV sensor can tell you what you really need to know to make sure your pet is in a safe, healthy environment. 

So, can a sensor help keep your pet safe when they’re alone in the RV?

Yes! In fact, it’s one of the best tools you have to ensure your pet’s safety when you’re not around. 

How Do Temperature Sensors Work?

Temperature sensors can help prevent heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even hypothermia if your climate control fails. If you’re looking at getting a sensor to protect your pet, you’re probably wondering how they work.

To monitor RV conditions, sensors need to be connected to a network to transmit information to you, and the gateway they use. If you can’t receive alerts about extreme conditions while you’re out of the RV, it won’t help you prevent a potential disaster. Most sensors connect to either wi-fi or mobile networks to make this happen. Luckily, a lot of RV parks also offer wi-fi, and many mobile services can act as a hotspot. 

Think of temperature sensors like an extremely upgraded, internet connected thermometer. Just as thermometers constantly monitor ambient temperatures, so do temperature sensors. At any given point the sensor is working to read and log the surrounding temperatures. 

How you receive the information collected by the temperature sensor depends on the specific brand and model you use. Most sensors allow you to receive readings remotely, and you can even see conditions on your smartphone. Not all sensors alert you to changing conditions, but you’ll want to look for this feature if you need one for your pet’s safety. 

Whether the sensor takes constant or periodic readings, you should be able to access the information quickly and easily. For RVs where pets are left alone, it’s best to find a sensor that takes either constant readings, or has very short intervals in between temperature readings. You should be able to see the most updated readings in real time; remember, weather (and conditions within the RV) can change very quickly without your knowledge.  

Here’s the Short Answer:

Will a temperature sensor keep my pets safe if they’re alone in my RV?

While a temperature sensor can’t prevent everything from happening, it can prevent some of the most common disasters.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine, and a sensor could save your pet’s life.

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