Elevate Safety and Independent Living for Your Elderly Loved Ones Care Solutions: NEO-1, Sentry-1, and Micro Gateway

Elevate Safety and Independent Living for Your Elderly Loved Ones with iMatrix Care Solutions: NEO-1, Sentry-1, and Micro Gateway

Do you want to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of your elderly loved one living independently, without invading their privacy? The iMatrix NEO-1, Sentry-1, and Micro Gateway offer a complete solution for managing their daily needs from a distance. With temperatures dropping to zero degrees in the North East this week, your loved one’s safety and comfort are a top priority.

How to setup iMatrix NEO-1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
NEO-1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The NEO-1 offers temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure your loved one is comfortable. Set upper and lower temperature alerts, and never worry about your loved one being too cold or hot again. The system is designed to be passive, respecting your loved one’s privacy, while providing peace of mind for both them and you. Accidents can happen, and your loved one may accidentally change the NEST thermostat in the wrong direction, but with the NEO-1, you will receive environmental alerts to ensure their comfort.

The Sentry-1 not only monitors doors and windows for safety and energy savings, but it also alerts you of the front door opening and closing. This way, you can confirm the arrival and departure of caregivers and stay in sync with their daily tasks. You can even call and provide instructions, ensuring that your loved one’s needs are met and that caregivers are paid for their services. The Micro Gateway aggregates all the data from the NEO-1 and Sentry and sends it to the cloud for easy access. Monitor temperature, humidity levels, and the security of your loved one’s home from anywhere, at any time.

iMatrix Sentry-1 works with iMatrix Cloud mobile app and web app
Sentry-1 works with Cloud mobile app and web app

Invest in the iMatrix NEO-1, Sentry, and Micro Gateway to manage the safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and caregiver support for your elderly loved one while they continue to live independently. With this complete care solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.

About iMatrix Systems

iMatrix Systems is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider founded in 2018 and emerged from stealth in 2021. The company’s cloud platform and dedicated sensors apply to markets in healthcare, residential and commercial buildings, restaurants and hospitality, critical infrastructure, hydroponics, soil monitoring, and management. The company offers ideal solutions for the Cold Chain markets.

The company, based in Lake Tahoe, NV, has offices around the country. For more information, go to https://imatrixsys.com/.