Why Choose the Neo Sensor?

When you need to monitor your products, you can choose plenty of different types of technology. As one of the newest additions to the selection of IoT solutions, why choose the Neo sensor? iMatrix specializes in advanced solutions that make logistics simple for every industry. Take a look at all the reasons you should choose the Neo sensor.

iMatrix Neo temperature humidity sensor
The iMatrix Neo sensor


The Neo sensor is just as suited to monitoring a stable location as it is moving cargo. While its size and storage capability makes it ideal for shipping temperature sensitive stock, it’s just as efficient in a climate controlled area. In fact, you’d have a hard time finding an area where the Neo can’t monitor conditions. Because it doesn’t require a wireless connection to store readings (and can do so for up to 21 days), you don’t need a wi-fi connection to log temperature or humidity in transport. 

Size and Weight

Some IoT loggers require more space and support for a proper installation. However, the Neo isn’t one of them. At only 43 grams and 70.6 mm at its largest point (that’s under 3 inches!) you can fit the Neo sensor anywhere. No matter how cramped on space you are, you can find room for this little sensor. Because it comes in at only 1 ½ ounces in weight, it won’t affect your shipping costs either. This sensor needs very little support to keep it in place. Not only is the sensor small and portable, the micro gateway uses usb technology, and is little larger than a US quarter.

iMatrix Neo temperature humidity sensor
The Neo is compact and lightweight

Advanced Monitoring Capability

The Neo sensor is capable of monitoring temperature and humidity ranges that are more than sufficient for any industry, including medical and pharmaceutical. The humidity can be bone dry at 0% or extremely saturated at 100%, and the Neo sensor has no problem logging it all. The temperature range it can accurately measure is just as impressive. Whether it’s ultra cold temperatures as low as -40℃, or extreme heat as high as 70℃, the sensor reads the conditions with ease. For reference, that range is -40℉ up to 158℉ . In extreme climates, you can count on the Neo to monitor and log a wide range of conditions. 

Simple Setup

The Neo uses a small BLE gateway

The Neo sensor might use advanced technology, but it’s extremely user friendly. The installation requires zero tools, and essentially no time at all. If you need to keep it in place, you simply use 3M adhesive to install it. Activating your sensor is just as easy. We even include a code you can scan to activate your profile in the iMatrix Cloud system for an easier setup. While some IoT sensors require a complicated, difficult installation and setup, the Neo doesn’t. It’s designed to make your job easy, every step of the way. 

Efficiency and Accuracy

One of the biggest problems with monitoring temperature and humidity is inaccuracy, especially if you do it manually. Manually reading and recording conditions opens several opportunities for error. Not only that, manual logs are easily lost, and cost time and labor. The Neo takes time, labor, and mistakes right out of the equation. This sensor takes readings with the utmost accuracy, and you’ll never worry about losing your records again. The Neo makes record keeping more efficient than ever- when you’re connected to the cloud system, all the readings are automatically uploaded for later review. If you need to monitor conditions without a wi-fi connection (such as in shipping), simply upload the logs as soon as a connection is available. You won’t lose data either way. 


The Neo sensor might be small, but it’s also durable. The sensor is built with IP65 waterproofing to keep it safe, even in difficult conditions. It works even in power outages, because it doesn’t rely on power from the mains to work. The Neo includes it’s own FR03 Li-Fe batteries, designed to power the sensor for up to three years. Even in extreme conditions, this sensor won’t lose power, or efficiency.


When working with any IoT device, security should be a top concern. This sensor doesn’t allow data theft, and doesn’t even need to connect to your network to store readings on its own (wireless uploading excluded). The Neo sensor isn’t just built with robust security, it also keeps your valuable products and stock safe and secure. There’s no better way to protect product loss with climate sensitive stock than with constant monitoring. The Neo is a small installation, with big benefits. 


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