Pairing the Neo with iMatrix Devices

The Neo sensor is a highly accurate, top of the line sensor that allows you to seamlessly monitor sensitive storage areas. This versatile sensor takes an extensive range of temperature readings and can measure humidity (RH- relative humidity) from 0% to 100%. If you need to know your stock is being perfectly preserved, it’s the sensor you need. However, iMatrix has a mission to make all your monitoring effortless, and pairing the Neo environmental sensor with our other devices is the solution. 


What Devices Can You Use Together?

First, the Neo comes in different forms: you can use the stand alone wireless sensor, or use the Neo with the probe extension to reach tough areas. Whichever you choose, setup is just as easy and accessing your readings takes only moments. We also offer the Neo DP, a sensor with an extension probe and LCD monitor. While you can always access your readings through the smartphone app or the iMatrix Cloud System, the LCD screen allows you to easily read conditions when you’re there in person. 


We recommend using the Neo with an LCD screen if much of your work around the climate sensitive stock is in person. You can still see your readings remotely, but it’s more user friendly if you’re also often there to check your stock on site. 


The Century 1 takes securing your valuable stock to the next level. For areas where the environment isn’t your only safety concern, the Century 1 can ensure that nobody enters the storage area without your knowledge. You can choose to turn alerts on and off for when you’re on site, and when you need to monitor access remotely. 

Why Use the Neo and Century 1 Together?

Protecting your stock from problematic environmental conditions is one thing. But protecting it from unauthorized access is another. When you use both the Neo and the Century 1, you’re covered on all fronts. Sometimes you need to monitor entry because the stock itself is so valuable. Other times, you need to monitor entry because opening doors to the storage area can cause wide fluctuations to the environment within. 


Unfortunately, in certain storage areas (such as those for frozen vaccines and pharmaceuticals), an unexpected entry can let the cold air out. This means the area is instantly warmer, and the cooling equipment has to work even harder to restore the conditions to their levels before entry. 


Unexpected entry isn’t always because of a wayward staff member. Equipment can malfunction, and doors can have a break in their seal. If this happens while you’re away, you’ll be notified on two fronts. You’ll get an alert from the Century 1 that a door is open. Then, if  conditions also go outside of the optimal ranges you set (through the iMatrix portal on your account settings), you’ll also receive an alert from the Neo. 

Where can you use the Neo and Century 1 together?

  • Archival storage
  • Vaccine and pharmaceutical storage
  • Medical biospecimen storage
  • Food processing and transport
  • Hatching eggs and incubation
  • Safe food storage
  • Vaults for valuables
  • Pet enclosures
  • RVs and campers
  • Greenhouses and agriculture