iMatrix Operational Modes

The iMatrix system operates in two distinct data collection modes.

  1. Bluetooth Custer Nodes
  2. iMatrix Mesh Sensor Networks

Bluetooth Cluster Nodes

The Bluetooth Cluster Nodes are the traditional low-cost method to connect BLE Sensors to either a Micro Gateway or Mobile Device. In this mode of operation, the BLE Sensor must be within range of the Gateway. Sensors can store large amounts of historical data and then forward this to the iMatrix Cloud when the Gateway can connect to them. The Gateway can be either a dedicated Micro Gateway or a Virtual Gateway incorporated into the iMatrix Mobile App. The sensors will continue to operate and collect data even when a gateway is not available. Including a permanently installed Micro Gateway at a Cluster location will ensure alters and notifications are sent to the user with sensors detect abnormal readings. The following diagram illustrates how Cluster nodes connect to the iMatrix Cloud

iMatrix Mesh Sensor Networks

When the BLE Devices are operating in iMatrix Mesh mode they automatically form a mesh network and relay sensor readings using one or more Mesh Gateways. This approach allows sensors to be spread over a very large area, several miles is possible, with only one sensor communicating with the Mesh Gateway. For best performance and network resilience, we recommend using multiple mesh gateways on large networks. The following diagram illustrates an iMatrix Sensor network.