How to Use the Neo Sensor

The iMatrix Neo sensor is a versatile yet simple solution for your business. Does your biospecimen supply rely on temperature control? Are you worried about goods spoiling during shipping? Do you need to know if your stock is compromised? The Neo is the complete solution for all of that, and much more. 

iMatrix Neo temperature humidity sensor
The iMatrix Neo Sensor

The guide will show you how to use the Neo sensor to improve your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Shipping and Logistics

One of the areas in which the Neo sensor really excels is within the cold chain. Cold chain shipping involves temperature sensitive products that need climate control to remain viable. In the shipping industry, shipments are subject to a variety of conditions. No matter how efficient the transport is, issues outside of our control can disrupt the entire process. Delays due to local regulations, natural disasters, and equipment are common issues.

The Neo sensor allows you to get a full scope view of products’ conditions along their journey. Shipping containers may show an ideal temperature upon arrival, but that doesn’t mean the temperature remained stable throughout the transport. 

To use the Neo in cold chain shipping, activate the sensor, and install it in the cargo hold. Alternatively, you can also install the sensor in the packaging of products. Installation takes only seconds, with double-sided 3M adhesive. 

Then, send your shipments on their way. Don’t worry about internet connection during transport. The Neo sensor will self store up to 21 days of readings without any internet transmission. 

Once your shipment arrives, connect the Neo sensor to the iMatrix Cloud system. Within moments you can view a complete history of all its readings. Simply verify the correct temperature ranges were maintained throughout the journey, and store the records for future reference. 

Medical Supply and Storage

Of any industry that requires strict temperature control, the medical field is certainly at the top. From donor organs to pharmaceutical products, to blood and tissue specimens, a controlled climate is top priority. Without proper conditions, these crucial supplies are inviable, or even worse, dangerous to the end user. In the medical industry, temperature control is important both on site and during transport. 

The Neo sensor performs with high accuracy and reliability in both settings. It’s even dynamic enough to go from cold storage to cold chain shipping, without ever missing a reading. 

Using the Neo sensor to monitor temperatures on site is simple. Just open and activate the sensor, connect it to your wireless network, and connect it to the iMatrix Cloud system. You can even use the code on the back of the device for a faster, easier set up. 

Place the sensor near your samples or specimens, in the freezer or refrigerator. The installation is quick, easy, and takes only moments- no tools required. Within a few minutes, the Neo will begin uploading temperature and humidity readings, which you can access through the cloud system. After that, there’s really no work on your part. Verify the logs as needed, and know you can count on an alert if something goes wrong in your cold storage. 

Using the Neo for medical shipping works in the same manner as it does for any other cold chain shipping. You install the sensor where readings are most crucial, and send your medical supplies on their way. Once your shipment arrives, upload the logs and verify the absence of any temperature excursions that would otherwise invalidate the medical supplies. 

Restaurant and Hospitality

In the restaurant and hospitality industry, it’s important to keep food stored at proper temperatures. Food that’s stored in unsafe temperatures can cause illness to your customers, spoil and become unusable, or even result in a poor health inspection. Cold storage, like any other piece of technology and equipment, is subject to failure upon occasion. You might have a thermometer in your refrigerator, but a thermometer doesn’t guarantee continuously safe temperatures. Even if the thermometer shows a safe temperature when you check it, equipment failures can go unnoticed when there’s nobody there to check. 

How can the Neo sensor improve your food safety and save you money on food costs?

Install the Neo in a central location in your cold storage. The install takes very little time, and keeps the sensor in place until you decide to move it. It won’t hamper your existing equipment, there are no tools or screws required. 

Connect the Neo your wireless network and log into the iMatrix Cloud system. Once you activate the Neo, it goes right to work reading and logging the temperature and humidity in your cold storage. There’s no more manual logging, no worrying about accurate records or missed readings. The Neo’s logs go right into the database where you can review them at any time. Should an inspector need to see the records of your temperature readings, simply pull up the records in the iMatrix Cloud database. 

iMatrix Neo temperature humidity sensor
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