How Do I logically arrange my sensors?

One of the easiest ways to manage sensors and arrange them in a way that makes sense for you is by using the Groups function. Groups allow you to keep all of your sensors active and in your account, but rather than seeing a text or list view of every single sensor, you can group them depending on their location or usage. For example, you may choose to label a group of sensors Beehive. Then, you can label each individual sensor with names that help you distinguish them. For instance, you can label the sensor in your first beehive Beehive 1. The next sensor will be placed in the second beehive and labeled Beehive 2, and so on. 

If you also have sensors in a greenhouse for example, you can create a group named greenhouse and label each sensor according to its location within the greenhouse. When you view your dashboard and look under groups, you can see ‘Groups.’ If you click on Groups, the menu will expand to show you all the groups on your account. When you click on each group, it will expand to show you each sensor under that group.