Method 2 for Calibrating Neo Sensors: Calibrated Device

Another method you can use to calibrate your Neo sensors is by using another device. This method, like the ice water method, works for any version of the Neo sensor. In essence, this method involves taking one device, getting its readings, and adjusting the calibration on your Neo to match them. 

The important thing to know about using this method is that it only works with a highly accurate device. Using a thermometer or hygrometer that you already know is reliable and calibrated is essential. If the device you’re using as a standard is incorrect, the calibration for your Neo will be, too. 

Simply take out your ‘standard’ device and record the temperature or humidity readings. Then, open your iMatrix app and press the button on the back of your sensor. Refresh your application if your sensor isn’t already displayed on the home screen. Click on the sensor you’re calibrating, and you’ll be able to see its current readings. 

If your sensor needs to be calibrated, these readings won’t match those from your ‘standard’ device. Press the Calibrate option. Choosing the ‘1 Point’ calibration option, you’ll see a screen with two places to enter values. In the first box enter the current readings from your Neo. In the second box, enter the readings from your standard device. Then, save your changes. Now your sensor will show readings in line with those of your other device, and it’s been successfully calibrated.