Temperature Logging for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you have endless tasks to complete, and records to keep track of. And if you work with temperature sensitive medications and samples, you carry an even heavier load. You might think your current system is doing you a favor, but chances are it isn’t doing all it could. 

If you’re using a thermometer and logging temperatures by hand, you have a problem. Not only is a thermometer subject to error due to placement, it can also look like it shows different temperatures based on where you stand. If you forget to check the temperature and log it, you’re missing critical data. Human error is a constant concern, and it can happen at any time. 

Even more modern electronic temperature logging systems can come with problems of their own. Most of these temperature loggers are wired, meaning you can’t get the logs from them without removing them from your cold storage. These days a lot of medications and vaccines need near constant monitoring, and with these loggers, that’s nearly impossible. 

Is There a Solution?

Thankfully, yes! A smart, wireless temperature sensor can save you time, frustration, and wasted medications. With temperature sensitive medications, current regulations require more stringent monitoring. You don’t have to take on the burden yourself. The right temperature logger can do it all for you. 

Save time and money

Manually logging temperatures takes time, and when it comes down to it, time is money (especially when that time goes through payroll). If there’s an inaccuracy due to human error, it can take even more time to revise those logs. That’s not to mention any spoiled medications or vaccines that have to be thrown out. 

Smart temperature loggers take readings every few minutes, giving you the time you need to correct problems before they ruin your stock. 

Immediate solutions

Temperature loggers provide you a hands off solution to temperature monitoring. Every few minutes they take a reading, and automatically log it in their system. If you’re concerned about the temperature in your medication or vaccine refrigeration, just log on and verify the most recent log. 

The good news is that you don’t have to keep an eye on the logs either. Simply set the acceptable temperature range for your fridge and relax. If there’s a problem, whether it’s a power outage or temperatures outside of the optimal range, you’ll know immediately. The temperature logger will alert you (or a designated party) so you can save your stock.