Temperature Loggers for Shipping

The shipping industry is bigger than ever, and that means more customers rely on products to arrive in a suitable condition, and in a timely manner. While there are plenty of things you can’t control in shipping, the things you can will make all the difference. In particular, the cold chain industry is on a tightwire with both transport timing, and controlled shipping conditions.

Crucial Climate Control

neo temperature sensor imatrix
A temperature sensor, like the Neo, makes monitoring shipping easy

When you’re shipping frozen or refrigerated goods, controlling the climate in your trucks is paramount. Temperatures are subject to change, no matter how well insulated your trucks are. Unfortunately, this can throw a wrench in your record keeping process. While the goods might seem to be at appropriate temperatures upon arrival, that doesn’t mean they stayed that way throughout the journey. 

Many goods that go through the cold chain need consistent temperatures. If they go outside of the safe range, you may never know they’re actually unsafe to use. 

Simplify Your Logs

Logging takes time. Making sure every temperature log is recorded is yet another step. And if your drivers have to do it manually, you have a problem. The more papers you have to deal with, the more complicated it gets. You simply have to hope that every driver properly records their temperatures, and that it goes into the record book correctly. What if a driver’s log book goes missing? Or if the recordings aren’t accurate? Your business could be in trouble with clients, and you can spend a lot of time (and money) to correct the problem. 

You Need A Solution

Consistent storage temperatures and good recording keeping are some of the keys to successful shipping. Manually recording temperatures takes time, money, and a high degree of accuracy. This may have been the way you’ve always done it, but it’s not the best way. 

What now? You need a solution. 

And wireless temperature loggers are just that. These high tech sensors are surprisingly easy to use and implement for your business. They measure temperature conditions inside the truck with a higher degree of accuracy than previous tools. Not only that, they constantly monitor the temperature in the truck. 

That’s a lot of help, and it certainly takes care of monitoring the temperature yourself. However, temperature loggers do more than monitoring. As you might glean from the name, they also log their readings. That means you have monitoring and logging of your plate. And the best part is that they do it all automatically. 

Our temperature sensors are designed to make business easier. You can send your trucks on the road with confidence when you install a logger in the truck’s storage. Then, you have records of near constant temperature monitoring (every minute, to be exact), ensuring you know that all goods stay within safe temperatures along the way. 

Get Detailed Reports and Alerts

Build your reputation by showing that you’re a shipping company that provides nothing short of excellence. Your clients can confidently ship their goods with you, and know that they’re still in good condition upon arrival. Should you have a client that needs reports to verify the temperatures of their supplies, you can provide that in an instant. Simply pull up the detailed report of your logs, select the timeline, and send. 

What if temperatures become too high inside the truck? Enabling alerts on the Neo temperature logger allows you to fix it right away. Don’t wait until you’re carrying spoiled goods. These alerts let you know when there’s a problem, so you never have to worry about a wasted shipment. 

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