Neo Sensor for Eggs and Poultry

The iM-EP-N1 sensor is one of the iMatrix Neo sensors designed for monitoring proper storage and transportation for poultry and egg products. Maintaining safe temperatures in both processing and transport is crucial to preventing the development and transmission of harmful bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. Because of this, states require that these products be kept and delivered at the proper temperatures, often below 45 degrees Fahrenheit for consumer safety.

This Neo sensor is ideal for keeping egg and poultry products within the guidelines of your HACCP plan, and maintaining your certification. These sensors have an extensive temperature monitoring range, and are perfectly suited for both refrigerated and frozen products. In the egg and poultry industry, maintaining proper humidity is equally important. The iMatrix Neo sensors for eggs and poultry products measure relative humidity from 0% to 100%, ensuring you keep products fresh and prevent microbial growth. 

Hen with eggs

Raw poultry products need refrigeration between 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Raw shell eggs need refrigeration between 41 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As part of the HACCP plan, egg and poultry product providers must ensure proper storage temperatures while holding stock for shipment. Not only that, it’s also necessary to ensure that any trucks or transportation used for delivery can maintain proper temperatures. Because the cold chain involves cooling equipment to maintain temperatures, the safety of these products is also reliant on the equipment. Should intermittent equipment failures occur, it’s possible that products may arrive in a compromised state, without either the provider or recipient realizing it.

This iMatrix Neo sensor solves the issues of risk in both the packing facility and the cold chain transportation. Our Neo sensors take measurements of temperature and humidity every minute, ensuring product safety is tracked from plant to consumer. While these sensors do function wirelessly, they’re also perfect for transport, as they can log readings for up to a month without needing an internet connection. 

imatrix neo temperature sensor

How does it work?

To use our egg and poultry Neo sensors to ship your products, simply activate your sensor by scanning the QR code on the back of the sensor with our smartphone app. This connects you, and the sensor, to the iMatrix Cloud System, where you can access logs of all the data. 

Place the Neo sensor in your shipping carton: it’s small, and easily fits in the spot of a single egg. Then, send your products on their way with the sensor packed in. Once your shipment arrives at the distributor, they can use our app to scan the sensor code. Within moments the data logs are uploaded to the iMatrix Cloud System and ready for verification. You’ll have a complete log that gives you full transparency about the conditions of your products through their transportation. 

Key features:

  • Measures humidity up to 100% 
  • Temperature range: from -40 Fahrenheit up to 158 Fahrenheit
  • IP65 waterproofing 
  • Records data every minute
  • Self-stores up to a month of data
  • Includes battery life up to three years
  • Easily connects with iMatrix smartphone app and cloud system
  • Small size fits in any storage container

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